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About Sunripe

Sunripe(1976)Ltd is a vertically integrated independent grower, processor, exporter and marketer of fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Fresh produce

Over 40 years Sunripe has evolved as a leading grower, processor and exporter of highest quality fresh vegetables,packed to the highest standards.
Our range includes organic, bulk, conventional, and elaborate lines across a wide range of vegetables and fruits.

Frozen products range

We have a fully established vegetable freezing line and produce a range of high quality elaborate and bulk frozen products.


Sunripe produces and exports a wide range of high quality tropical fruits, packed and processed in our custom built fruit processing facilities.

Sunripe organic avocados.

Sunripe is currently the leading grower, marketer and exporter of fresh organic avocados across Europe and Middle East.

Organic Avocados Organic Avocados Organic Avocados
Organic Avocados Organic Avocados Organic Avocados
Organic avocados
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